Do YOU have a connection with a large number of people familiar to IPTV streaming? do you trust in yourselves to build your own base OF customers from scratch?
Do you have marketing  and communication skills? above  all, do you want to make a serious amount of profit ? then, this call and opportunity are just right for you!

IPTV reseller specifications are as the following:

Every reseller is delivered his panel on his first payment, through which he could create and manage his clients.

1 Credit IS 1 EUROS, and minimal credit load is 200 EUROS FOR  each time.

The Credit plan is as the following:

1 month 4
3 months 12
6 months 24
12 months 45 credits

That means, each time you activate one of either subscription terms listed above, the respective amount of credit is deducted from your balance. For instance, if you activate a yearly subscription for a client of yours, 45 credits are deducted from your 200 credits, and the remaining balance becomes 155 credits.

20% bonus credits are applied for 300 credit loads or higher. For regular IPTV resellers with the loads over 500, extra bonuses are possible.

So in short, If you would like to be our IPTv reseller, thus a part of our tteam, please contact us via any of the communication channels on our website and let us set your reseller status instantly in order you to  Start YOUR JOB and earning right away!

IPTV Live- Offers the Best IPTV Reseller Programs

Just a few years back, television customers were not as demanding as they are today. They just wanted to watch their favourite programs at the scheduled time in the comfort of their homes. With times, this demand has evolved, and they now want a lot more. IPTV has come up as a perfect way to fulfill this growing demand of wanting something more in terms of television viewing.

With the growth in demand for IPTV services, growth in IPTV resellers have also been registered. Cutthroat competition in this industry has necessitated more IPTV resellers who can help meet the evolving demands of customers or risk losing them to other companies.
One of the trends that are being noticed in this sector is TV Everywhere. Our devices like smartphones, tablets, etc., have taken over the world and have given us constant internet connectivity. Using these devices, we can access almost everything and anything including our favorite programming. Thus, it was becoming increasingly important to offer clients with options of Videos on Demand and serials or channel viewing of their choice. Moreover, it is increasingly becoming imperative to offer services and subscription packages that are on par with the others so that there is a chance to out-perform others in the market.

The Internet has brought speed and convenience which help people search information quickly and easily to search program and content of their choice or discover new content that they are likely to enjoy.

Flexible pricing has also helped IPTV resellers to enjoy a wide variety of packages at affordable rates. The idea is to appeal to every client and his budget and helping him to enjoy an unabated flow of entertainment. We offer our current offerings that ensure our client’s optimal satisfaction who are motivated to come for more.

Our IPTV Reseller Program Specifications

•    IPTV Live offers the best IPTV Reseller program that comes with unique specifications like-
•    Delivery of Panel on the first payment. The panel helps in easy creation and management of clients.
•    1 Credit is equivalent to 1 Euro, and for each time, the minimum credit load is 200 Euros.
•    The Credit Plan available is- 1 Month 4, 3 Months 12, 6 months 24 and 12 months 45 credits.

Each time, any of the subscription credits mentioned above is activated, the respective credit amount is debited from IPTV reseller balance. If you choose 300 credit loads or higher, you can avail 20 percent bonus credits which makes the entire package more lucrative. Extra bonuses are also available for IPTV resellers who go for 500 or more credit loads on a regular basis. 

Explore our specifications and choose any of them that suit your precise requirements and start a promising business with us.

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